laura minca.






I am a designer with an interest in the relationship between film and architecture. I believe cinema and architecture are disciplines that are closely related on a symbolical, syntactical and aesthetical level. The richness of the conceptual and formal parallels between them, the shared ideological debates in which they have long been entangled and the way they mutually influence each other in both theory and practice have always fascinated me and repeatedly surfaced throughout my work. 

September 2013 - June 2014, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, UK

Masters of Architecture

September 2011 - September 2012, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, UK

MA in Architecture and Urbanism: Distinction

February 2012 - March 2012, 3rd Caribbean Winter School, Havana, Cuba
* one month course organised by CUJAE (Cuba) and the Münster School of Architecture (Germany)

September 2007 - July 2010, Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, UK

BA (Hons) Architecture: First Class Honours 

As a child, I have yearned to create beautiful things on my own and instinctively started to explore architecture as it seemed to satisfy my imagination in terms of space, materials, and colour. After the completion of a four-year course of Painting focusing on the study of Form at “Octav Enigărescu School of Art” during my secondary education years, I have embarked on the equivalent of a two-year private tutoring Foundation Course in Bucharest that introduced me to the basic aspects of Architecture in terms of theory and drawing. Creating imaginary worlds, initially as a form of escapism from the routine of my school studies, materialized into the writing of short stories and novels accompanied by drawings and sketches. I soon formed a passion for literature and participated in a number of national Romanian, English and German creative writing contests that were awarded with prizes and commendations.


Following the decision to continue my studies in the United Kingdom, the three years academic study within the Manchester School of Architecture transformed my instinctive excitement about architecture into systematic knowledge and thorough understanding. I have been subjected to such brainstorming and imagination that I would assiduously work in the studio and modelling workshops for days on end. As a result, my commitment to becoming a designer culminated with a First Class Honours Degree accompanied by the ‘Steacy Greenaway Prize’ for Outstanding Third Year Portfolio. Additionally, along the intense period of the degree, the academic staff constantly expressed their appreciation and interest towards my work by publishing it in the MSA Yearbook as well as exhibiting it in various locations across the Northwest. 


After the completion of my BA studies, I was offered a placement in London by ESA Architects as part of the Practical Year Out scheme. This proved to an invaluable experience that offered me conclusive insights into the relationship between the built space and its feasibility, while working on a wide array of projects ranging from pavillions and residential extensions to facade and detail design for key West-End retail buildings and master planning exercises.


The Masters of Arts in Architecture and Urbanism course I completed at Manchester School of Architecture proved to be a critical turning point in my education. The freedom of the self-directed study enabled me to expand my horizons in terms of architecture’s versatile nature as a discipline concealing endless angles of approach. It was during this time that I realized that what truly fascinates me is the spatial narrative component of architecture while exploring the importance of establishing an emotional connection between the urban environment and human perception. Thus, my research focused on the study of deconstructivist and cinematic montage theories and their adaptation to Bucharest’s urban scenario. Although an unconventional approach, the thesis managed to successfully identify and combine features of film and architecture, generating a significant interest from both visiting lecturers and local professionals and culminating with a Distinction award. This extraordinary experience represented a confirmation that cinema and stage design are themes that will always play a strong role in my future profession. 


Proficient in: Microstation, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro